Sprint’s Palm Pre drops to $149 and thats not all

by jonathan | Sep 9, 2009 at 8:58 am | technology

Palm Pre

The rumored price drop of the Palm Pre is here. Sprint says that their WebOS device will now be $149. This is of course the on contract price and includes a $150 instant rebate and a $100 mail-in rebate. If you did not jump on board back during the release you now have your chance.

However (in the spirit of the Apple press conference today) that’s not all. Sprint also announced their new Palm WebOS phone. The Pixi has hit the pages of Sprints press release. The device was rumored way back when the Pre was being released. Then it was through to be called the EOS and the first 3G version of a WebOS device. Guess it is hitting Sprint first but if WebOS phones are going to save Palm you can expect other carriers to join the party soon. The Pixi is set of release this holiday season.

More details and photos after the break.

The Pixi will be a candy bar style phone with a full keyboard right on the phone (no slide). A 2.63 inch screen, 8GB of onboard memory and no Wifi. My guess is that the Pixi will replace current Centro. It will interesting to see how the WebOS works on a smaller screen.


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