Small Update

by jonathan | Jul 1, 2010 at 11:23 pm | MF

A lot of things have happen in the tech world since I last posted. Apple has updated their MacBook pro line up with Core i’s, the iPhone 4 was announced and released, Microsoft demoed Kinect and released a new slimmer Xbox, Sony announced their “Plus” online subscription package, Hulu is testing a paid version and is expanding to new devices, I could go on and on ( I guess that means it has been awhile). The problem is I don’t always have time to write about all these special events. I do however sent links and updates on my twitter feed (, so if you are in the dark about the previously mentioned events then please follow my twitter feed and stay in touch.

I hope to make more time to write articles. I have several tutorials and informational pieces I want to get on here. I also am not a Palm Pre owner anymore, the Pre started to really feel sluggish and outdated after only six months. I still really love WebOS and think it executes as a mobile operating system very well. I want to see Palm pair it with a phone that has the specs of my new  device, the Sprint EVO. I am currently an Evo user with Android. I got it on launch day and am really happy with the performance so far. I may do a write up at some point but there is already a ton of information available online.

That is all and see you back here shortly.

New Site

by jonathan | Mar 18, 2009 at 10:16 pm | MF

As you may have noticed this site is getting a redesign. The same brown color but with a lot more content. The redesign is built with wordpress so I should have a ton more flexibility. I plan to add more photos and images of my work as time goes on. So I plan on writing a few posts on here from time to time. It will be a good place for me to share some of my knowledge. Also if I ask nicely enough I might get some good writers to post a few things as well. Who knows what will happen but check back and see the progress. Thanks for stopping by.