Samsung Galaxy Tab Impressions

by jonathan | Sep 2, 2010 at 4:23 pm | technology

As an avid gadget lover when I heard about the Galaxy Tab and the whole series of Galaxy devices I was intrigued. If you don’t know Samsung is currently releasing a whole family of phones and now a tablet. I find this a very interesting way for a phone manufacture to release phones on different carriers but still market them as one family. Each cellular provider has a little different hardware but all the phones run Android with Samsung’s Touch Wiz overlay.

The Galaxy Tab has been surrounded in secrecy for some time now. Samsung has recently unveiled the product to the public and there are several interested decisions that were made. A quick run down of the hardware and software. The Tab is a 7 inch LCD tablet with a rectangular design. It has a front facing and rear facing camera, all the accelerometers you expect and cellular connectivity. The Tab comes in a 16 gig and 32 gig version and they all come with an SD card slot for expanded memory. The current version also runs Android 2.2

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Apple talks about iPhone OS version 4

by jonathan | Apr 8, 2010 at 4:57 pm | technology

On the heels of releasing the iPad to the United States Apple has announced the new features of there mobile operating systems fourth version. iPhone OS 4 will include a ton of new api’s for developers to take advantage of, including seven different api’s that will give the illusion of multitasking. Other additions include an enhancement to the email application, being able to collect icons in folders on the home screen, making the iBook app available to the regular sized iPhone and several enterprise enhancements.

You can check out Apple’s web site for some more detail or continue past the break for some more discussion.

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Google Launches Public DNS Service

by jonathan | Dec 3, 2009 at 6:07 pm | technology

logoGoogle has launched a new public DNS service. It promises to speed up your internets and give you the “results you expect with absolutely no redirection”. In case you don’t know DNS (Domain Name System) is a service which translates all of the domain names into ip addresses. Normally your internet service provider does this for you automatically.

So why would you want to switch. The average internet user probably won’t. Depending on your ISP and your location you could see an improvement in the time it takes for you to reach the DNS servers and for them to respond. We are talking about small amounts of time being saved however you probably make hundreds of DNS calls a day. Also if you are like me and don’t understand why your browser has two text entry bars at the top, you can get the search functionality from the URL bar (although this probably already happens).

All of this is great but what I really want over my ISP DNS is reliability. I want a service that will always be up and I think Google can promise that as well as any other company could.

In the end this is another way for Google to gather information and in reality a pretty good way. Now they can track what straight urls people are going to without going through search. It really fills in a whole data set they have been missing. There are other services that do and promise the same experience. OpenDNS comes to mind. I have used it in the passed without problems.

Check out the service and let me know if you have tried it out.

Nook available in Barnes and Noble November 30th

by jonathan | Nov 17, 2009 at 10:07 am | technology


Word on the street is that the Barnes and Noble e-reader will be available in the store on November 30th. That is just three days short of the famous Black Friday shopping extravaganza. If you try and pre-order a Nook online you will be met with a message telling you it will be shipped on Dec 18th. I find it strange that B&N would be selling the Nook three weeks early in their brick and mortar stores. May they are trying to take advantage of the one thing they have over the competition, a physical store. Allowing people to see / play before they buy is going to help the Nooks chances. More on the Nook Here.

nook_next to paperbacks

Palm Pixi Review Roundup

by jonathan | Nov 13, 2009 at 12:19 pm | technology


Palms new phone, the Pixi, is hitting shelves Nov. 15th (this Sunday). The Pixi will be Palms second device carrying their flagship Web OS. The device is smaller than the Pre and has its keyboard on the front instead of a slide out. The phone looks and feels like a Centro replacement and a welcome one at that. The Pixi is a candy bar phone with a full keyboard and a 2.63″ touch screen. It is priced at $100 but I feel like that price will come down very shortly. It did not take long for the price of the Pre to drop dramatically and I think the same will happen with the Pixi.

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New Apple products but no keynote

by jonathan | Oct 21, 2009 at 12:00 pm | technology


When I heard all the rumors about the new Apple products launching this week the first thing I thought of was if I missed the keynote. If you are not familiar Apple normally holds large keynotes to introduce new or refresh products. None of that this time and when the Apple store went down earlier this week we knew what was coming.

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Barnes and Noble release their eReader

by jonathan | Oct 21, 2009 at 9:00 am | technology

nook_next to paperbacks

Yesterday Barnes and Noble announced their new eBook the Nook. The Nook is a portable ebook reader with an eink display for reading and a color touch screen for navigation. The color screen is powered by a version of Android the Google phone OS. I have to say that the few videos I have seen make the color screen look a little sluggish. The Apple cover flow style of scrolling through your books looked a little choppy. However lets not worry about those sort of things and talk about how this product compares to the other major ebook reader.

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Palm unleashes paid apps

by jonathan | Oct 6, 2009 at 4:55 pm | technology


Just yesterday Palm has started to add paid application to their WebOS app store. Prices of the apps all very from 99 cents to $9.95. Although nothing ground breaking has been released it is still good to see developers getting their stuff through the application process. As the competition for apps increases I am sure we will see lower prices.

This all comes after Palms release of the 1.2 Pre update which brought a new app store application. You can now pin a credit card to your Palm account which is how transactions will take place. Also the look and thumbnail viewing has changed slightly. The whole app store feels much improved in performance while you can still sort and search through the store.


And iTunes sync is fixed with the small 1.2.1 update

Apple Press Conference Sept 9th

by jonathan | Sep 9, 2009 at 11:00 am | technology

Apple Event Sept 9thSept 9th has made it, that means Apple will be announcing new products and giving the press a look at their progress. So far it looks like the event will be mainly about iPods and there are several indicators to new a iPod Touch and Nano. Will the most rumored tablet make an appearance? Check back and I will update this post with the goods. The event starts at 10:00 AM pacific / 12:00 PM central.


Several new iPods were announced at the Apple event today. Also new iPhone OS 3.1 and iTunes 9. Check out the full details after the break.


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Sprint’s Palm Pre drops to $149 and thats not all

by jonathan | Sep 9, 2009 at 8:58 am | technology

Palm Pre

The rumored price drop of the Palm Pre is here. Sprint says that their WebOS device will now be $149. This is of course the on contract price and includes a $150 instant rebate and a $100 mail-in rebate. If you did not jump on board back during the release you now have your chance.

However (in the spirit of the Apple press conference today) that’s not all. Sprint also announced their new Palm WebOS phone. The Pixi has hit the pages of Sprints press release. The device was rumored way back when the Pre was being released. Then it was through to be called the EOS and the first 3G version of a WebOS device. Guess it is hitting Sprint first but if WebOS phones are going to save Palm you can expect other carriers to join the party soon. The Pixi is set of release this holiday season.

More details and photos after the break.

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