Nintendo Wii Price Drop to $199

by jonathan | Sep 24, 2009 at 9:43 am | gaming


Nintendo is following up Sony and Microsoft’s price cuts with some of their own. On September 27th the Wii will drop from $249 to $199. Nintendo hopes that the cut will attract customers who are on the cusp of becoming gamers. However I have a feeling that Nintendo did not plan this price cut so early but needed to do something enlight of the cuts for PS3 and Xbox 360. With all the major game console players cutting prices what can we expect for black friday and the holiday rush.

It seems like the sweet spot for console prices had dropped as this generation of players ages. Xbox has $199 and $299 SKUs while PS3 has a $299 SKU. The more you look at it this really seems to make the Wii a very attractive and more reasonable price. It is the only console still in standard definition and the lowest quality of hardware. What doesn’t make sense is why it took so long. How many more could they sell, it seems like everyone I know has a Wii? And it prints money.

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