Palm Pixi Review Roundup

by jonathan | Nov 13, 2009 at 12:19 pm | technology


Palms new phone, the Pixi, is hitting shelves Nov. 15th (this Sunday). The Pixi will be Palms second device carrying their flagship Web OS. The device is smaller than the Pre and has its keyboard on the front instead of a slide out. The phone looks and feels like a Centro replacement and a welcome one at that. The Pixi is a candy bar phone with a full keyboard and a 2.63″ touch screen. It is priced at $100 but I feel like that price will come down very shortly. It did not take long for the price of the Pre to drop dramatically and I think the same will happen with the Pixi.


I have seen several articles and videos that say the Pixi’s performance is somewhat lacking. The browser can hang at times while loading pages and the scrolling can be laggy in general around the OS. Some of these problems can be contributed to the slower processor and the overall lower spec of the Pixi compared to the Pre. However I want to point out that Web OS does not take advantage of the graphics processor that is available in both phones. Basically this chip is sitting there doing nothing while the cpu handles all the graphical duties. Palm is working on a solution and when that hits I believe most of the laggy issues will be resolved. In the end the Pre has the same specs at the iPhone 3Gs but does not feel like it from a consumer view.

Enough of that, here are some links to more in-depth review of the Palm Pixi.

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