Google Launches Public DNS Service

by jonathan | Dec 3, 2009 at 6:07 pm | technology

logoGoogle has launched a new public DNS service. It promises to speed up your internets and give you the “results you expect with absolutely no redirection”. In case you don’t know DNS (Domain Name System) is a service which translates all of the domain names into ip addresses. Normally your internet service provider does this for you automatically.

So why would you want to switch. The average internet user probably won’t. Depending on your ISP and your location you could see an improvement in the time it takes for you to reach the DNS servers and for them to respond. We are talking about small amounts of time being saved however you probably make hundreds of DNS calls a day. Also if you are like me and don’t understand why your browser has two text entry bars at the top, you can get the search functionality from the URL bar (although this probably already happens).

All of this is great but what I really want over my ISP DNS is reliability. I want a service that will always be up and I think Google can promise that as well as any other company could.

In the end this is another way for Google to gather information and in reality a pretty good way. Now they can track what straight urls people are going to without going through search. It really fills in a whole data set they have been missing. There are other services that do and promise the same experience. OpenDNS comes to mind. I have used it in the passed without problems.

Check out the service and let me know if you have tried it out.

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